Meeting Gary Vee - How Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me to start

How a Belarusian/American CEO & Entrepreneur inspired me to finally take action and actually start doing instead of just dreaming.

 With the amazing Gary Vaynerchuk at the Business Squared Event in Sydney, Australia

With the amazing Gary Vaynerchuk at the Business Squared Event in Sydney, Australia

It all started with You Tube

One night on a You Tube vlog binge watching session (most likely whilst I was supposed to be watching something to help with my foreign language studies) I came across a guy called "Gary Vee" - loud, confident and determined, I was immediately taken aback due to the incredible amount of energy & passion that he was displaying on his vlog posts. I can't remember the exact video that got me hooked and to be honest I probably watched a couple before I started to pay more attention to the message he was delivering rather than the way it was being delivered!

Most motivational speakers deliver similar thoughts on the same topics and some of the messages Gary was delivering weren't anything I hadn't heard before - so what was it that got me hooked with his content?

It's everything and one thing at the same time - the design is modern, music is appealing to my millennial generation, energy undeniable and advice practical - and at the end of the day Gary understands business, hard work and people extremely well.

Who is Gary Vay-ner-chuk?

A four time New York Times bestselling author and digital media extraordinaire, Gary was an early adaptor of You Tube creating the "Wine Library TV" channel on that platform and using it to grow his family liquor store business from $3mil to well over $60mil.

Now he owns and heads up Vayner Media (who look after Fortune 500 companies, quite impressive), is an international speaker at a multitude of business events, an angel investor in Twitter and other companies and on top of all that is also managing to inspire a new generation (as well as older generations) of entrepreneurs and just regular people.

What I've learnt

I've consumed a great deal of Gary's content over the last couple of months over You Tube, Instagram & LinkedIn platforms and the key messages that have really spoken out to me are:

1. Self-Awareness

Understanding yourself is key - knowing who you are, what you enjoy, what your strengths & weaknesses are and to play to your strengths

2. Hard Work

I've always understand the value of hard work and actually done the work - it's easy though to get sucked in by the "work smarter not harder" saying though, especially when comparing yourself to other people.

So it's really about not focusing on what other people are doing and bringing your focus back to yourself and just doing the actual work - not matter what you want to achieve, Gary will reinforce that nothing trumps hard work, not even talent!

3. Patience

Having macro patience is imperative - nothing that is worth anything of value is achieved overnight. Easy to say, yet hard to do in practice - but if you are trying to build something it's crucial the foundation is strong enough to withstand the house that is being built upon it.

4. Execute

Stop dreaming, stop talking about doing something, stop putting it off and just do it - execute it! It's so easy to get caught up in trying to create the "perfect" conditions, whether it's setting up a blog or having the right camera for a You Tube channel - the time you spend wasting thinking about it is time you could be spending doing, creating and inspiring people, living the life you want to live!

5. No regrets

Gary often brings up in his keynote speeches and videos the suggestion to go and actually visit a nursing home and listen to the resident's one main theme - regrets in life... this can be a massive motivator for the previous point, which is just go out and create your own life, try new things, try different jobs and hobbies, learn about yourself and the world and not to give up.

Meeting Gary

It was on a sunny day in Sydney, Australia that I attended the "Business Squared" event and was in the audience for his keynote speech. He brought the same energy, intelligence and passion to his talk that you can witness in his digital content. However it was meeting him in person for a quick photo that I noticed a different side - kind, genuine and just a really "nice" guy.

Gary asked me if I enjoyed the event and I could only respond with a quick "yes, thanks" as I was so nervous and the photo assistant was hurrying me away...but that meeting left a profound impression on me and even more of a resolve to actually take in the messages that Gary is delivering in his effort to inspire people (and leave a legacy) and to actually do what I've said I wanted to do for a very long time and create a blog! 

It's a place where I can actually do one of my greatest passions which is writing, share my travel experiences and also where I hope I can inspire and connect with people.

And if I ever get the chance to meet Gary again? I'll say thanks and give him a big hug!

If you haven't checked out Gary's insightful and incredibly motivating content I really recommend you check him out:

Website -

Instagram - @garyvee

Twitter - @garyvee

YouTube - garyvee